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King Incubus is a novel written by Valerie Willis. It is the fifth work in the Cedric series that features the main characters Tony and Lillith face a twist of events and must overcome internal turmoil and make a decision.

Book Stats

  • Book 5
  • Author: Valerie Willis
  • Published By: 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc.
  • Length:
  • Audiobook:
  • Formats: eBook, Paperback
  • Publishing Date:
  • Coming Soon: TBA

Book Blurb

Was it self-proclaimed destiny or a unforetold prophecy?

Tony finds himself facing new urges and new problems as the paranormal beings he serves sense his change. With trouble on the horizon, Lillith has ghosted and he's left with Badbh for his training. When a ghost from the past appears, a former king will teach the new king how to be true to both his lineages. Meanwhile, no one knows when Cedric and the gang will emerge from the Otherworld.

Lillith will have to face what she fears most: true love. In desperation to prepare Tony to take Cedric's place, she sends him to seek out Vulcan and the Salamandre for a weapon worthy of slaying Gods and Titans. Will Tony's training be enough to protect him, or will Lillith have to use her magic to protect her newfound love?

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